MaxisIT® Launches Enterprise Scale Clinical Trial Integration and Automation Software CTRenaissance®

MaxisIT® Launches Enterprise Scale Clinical Trial Integration and Automation Software CTRenaissance®

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CTRENAISSANCE® – Real Time Harmonization of Composite Clinical Trials

METUCHEN, N.J.– MaxisIT® has pioneered into building a world-class enterprise scale clinical trial integration and automation software CTRenaissance® for pharmaceutical & life sciences industry.

MaxisIT’s CTRenaissance® is the most efficient, web-based, enterprise class software solution that involves no IT footprint at the point of use and is available at the most competitive investment that guarantees return.

Talking about CTRenaissance®, Mr. Maulik Shah, VP – Global Sales and Delivery, said, “This unique software-as-a-service oriented, internet solution produces clinical deliverables ranging from protocol to eCTD – anytime, anywhere, on-demand and it is as simple as using a web-based email account.”

Mr. Shah further added that CTRenaissance® provides greater flexibility, scalability and ease of planning and managing clinical trials, monitoring drug safety, and producing clinical trial deliverables in a collaborative, yet globally distributed work-environment. He said that, “With the help of this software, our customers will achieve significant time and cost savings realized through standardized, streamlined and reusable infrastructure that requires minimum manual intervention. They will also be able to manage the pulse of their clinical trials in real-time and make competitive business decisions faster with the help of its built-in business process monitoring system.”

Utilizing industry standards such CDISC, hl7 and other XML based data standards, CT Renaissance® promises to eliminate cumbersome and obsolete processes that impede timely production of deliverables. It can accommodate multiple trials in a parallel multi-user, role-based and secured environment.

Ashvee Kanwar, Director of Marketing at MaxisIT® summarized, “We strongly believe that fully functional CTRenaissance® will provide pharmaceutical businesses the power to grow, accelerating introduction of new drugs to the market and corresponding revenues, reduce overall research and development expenditures, enhance existing data quality control efforts, increase drug safety compliance and reduce clinical and economic risk.”

CTRenaissance® Overview:

  • An Enterprise class platform
  • Web-based and services oriented
  • Faster deliverables with reduced manual interventions
  • Minimum or no IT footprint at point of use
  • Increased efficiency and reduced noise
  • Supports geographically distributed user base
  • Integrated and automated processes
  • Built-in business process monitoring system
  • Reduced time to market
  • Cost effective solution

About MaxisIT®

MaxisIT® is a premier enterprise-class clinical software and clinical functional services provider (FSP) that offers a unique blend of both, clinical trial domain and core IT expertise, with a thorough understanding of industry and regulatory standards.

MaxisIT’s CTRenaissance® and clinical FSP enable its pharmaceutical and life sciences industry customers realize their vision of a safe, effective, and FDA approved delivery of drug at the lowest cost and at the fastest time to market. Our metrics for success include strategic enterprise-wide reusable and scalable solutions and world-class services team with industry’s best people, processes, technologies and a long-term partnering focus.

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