Statistical Computing Environment

Accelerate Your Clinical Research with Powerful Statistical Programming

Clinical data analysis in a centralized hub

Reduce risk of missteps by bringing data into the centralized, cloud-based Statistical Computing Environment (SCE).

With advanced data analytics, real-time collaboration, and support for most programming languages, SCE brings power and precision to your clinical research.

Optimized Statistical Computing

Facilitate collaboration and achieve submission-ready reports with secure, high-quality data management.


Comprehensive Documentation

Enable the generation of a complete study documentation package.

Collaborative Process Management

Improve collaboration between stakeholders via notifications and process management.

Performance Metrics Generation

Generate project/study performance metrics based on passively collected transactional data and metadata.

Efficient Versioning and Change Management

Effectively manage versioning and change management via an integrated repository.

Enhanced Report Quality

Improve quality and reduce errors in output reports via active data and metadata management.

Secure Data Access

Allow access to specific parts of the system and deposit new data, programs, and documents in a secure manner.

Submission-ready Statistical Reporting

Facilitate collaboration to develop submission-ready statistical reports and exploratory analysis using SAS, R, and Python applications.



Where transparency and precision meet compliance

SCE is a 21CFR11 and GxP-compliant environment for clinical statistical computing. With full traceability, transparency, and auditability, SCE accomplishes the following:

Open Environment

Integrates with SAS, R, and Python applications.

Integrated Data Repository

Vendor-agnostic data storage facilitates efficient data access and storage. CDISC standards built in for expert metadata, structured data, and unstructured data management.

Scalable and Nimble

Cloud-based architecture scales with you to manage even the largest, most diverse datasets.

Intuitive User Interface

Modular design enables efficient use of libraries and automation. Streamline workflows, standardize templates, and reuse code with the help of automation.

Enhanced Security

Reduce IP and compliance risk with role-based data access and privileges. Full traceability enables rapid response to regulatory inquiries.

Web Programming and Review

Rapid web-based statistical programming and development for faster review and execution.

Why MaxisIT?

MaxisIT empowers clinical research teams to plan and execute successful clinical trials. By eliminating silos and bottlenecks, we help you move from data analysis to insights faster.

Our source-agnostic CTRenaissance® clinical data analytics platform unifies data across clinical systems and CROs to enable real-time monitoring and on-time insights


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  • Randall Paulk, Senior Manager of Data Management Clinical Systems at J&J Vision Care
  • Greeshma Mundayat, Clinical Solutions Owner at MaxisIT

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