Data Management Workbench

Seamless clinical data management is possible with the right integrations

Craft better insights from a centralized, user-friendly platform

Data management workbench is your centralized command center for end-to-end clinical data management and data quality management. Move from data capture to compliant reporting weeks faster with a purpose-built data management hub.

Reduce cycle times while maintaining data quality and integrity

Bridge the gap between clinical data and clinical evidence by starting with quality data—curated with care in the Workbench.


Innovative and Intelligent

Enable timely, informed decisions with intelligent, actionable data reviews. Sponsors/CROs gain greater flexibility leveraging this intelligence.

True Data Democratization

Easily integrate, unify, and scale on-demand. Our source-agnostic platform enables you to unlock the full potential of your data.

Effective and Efficient

Detect issues, track activities, and review data in less time with intuitive visualizations.

Collaborative Workflows

Improve visibility across activities with collaborative workflows. Real-time data management, review, and assessment helps reduce data duplications and errors.

Automatic Standardization

Automation accelerates metadata-driven data transformation and standardization.

Built-in Validation Checks

A built-in library of standard validation checks and support are ready to use or to help guide custom program design.

Enhanced Security​

On-demand and role-based data access and privileges help protect valuable data.

Purpose-Built ​

Built for clinical data management by clinical data management professionals. Meaningful, on-time data review, reporting, and submission are our priorities.


See what you can build with the Data Management Workbench.


Data Management Workbench Overview

Save weeks to months off study execution with a scalable data management solution.

End-to-End Automation

Automated data pipeline takes you from EDC to dashboards in minutes.


Source- and format-agnostic data integration across 40+ eClinical Systems and 8+ CRO systems.


Automated data mapping tool for efficient metadata and mapping.

AI Powered

API-driven, AI-enabled modular approach for timely clinical data and data quality management.


User-friendly dashboards and intuitive visualizations for efficient monitoring, management, and review.


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Why MaxisIT?

MaxisIT empowers clinical research teams to plan and execute successful clinical trials. By eliminating silos and bottlenecks, we help you move from data analysis to insights faster.

Our source-agnostic CTRenaissance® clinical data analytics platform unifies data across clinical systems and CROs to enable real-time monitoring and on-time insights

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