Clinical Data Repository

Manage all your clinical trial data from a single source

Unlock more power from your clinical trial data

Don’t let valuable data sit on the sidelines. Transform collected data into valuable information and insights—faster—by bringing your data into a centralized data management hub.

Integrate and standardize clinical and healthcare data into formats you can use to deliver your products to more patients.

Bring all your data together for robust insights that make an impact

Standardize structured and unstructured data to deliver robust insights for risk-based monitoring, data management, and analytics.


One-Stop Solution

A comprehensive platform for managing data, metadata, reporting, and analytics for sponsors, sites, and CROs, consolidating all your clinical data needs.

Self-Service Environment

Conduct data reviews and analytics anytime within a user-friendly, self-service environment, empowering your team to analyze data independently.

Near-Real-Time Insights

View data in near-real time with custom dashboards and visualizations, gaining immediate insights for quicker, informed decision-making.

Automated Data Standardization

Perform quality reviews sooner with automated data standardization, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all datasets.

Enhanced Trial Efficiency

Improve trial efficiency, leading to significant revenue and quality gains by optimizing processes and achieving faster, more reliable results.



Why Clinical Data Repository?

Data integration and standardization are two of the top challenges facing data management. CDR brings together all your data into one central location for richer analyses and improved data quality and integrity.

High data variety and volume

Stores high volumes of data across all formats, sizes, and types.

High manageability

Built-in version and change controls; snapshot, organization structure, data model, backup and archive, role-based access, and data provisioning management.

Data slice and dice

Create data snapshots and data marts to address access needs across departments and stakeholders.

Controlled data view

Viewing data in blinded, unblinded or de-identified modes based on assigned roles and access privileges.

Advanced analytics

Preconfigured out-of-the-box reports and visualizations support a wide range of descriptive and data-driven analytics.

Statistical analysis

Integrated statistical analysis[HJ1] , plus an environment to conduct sophisticated trending and “what-if” analysis.

Regulatory compliance

21 CFR Part 11 compliant and validated.


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