Clinical Trials Oversight System

Gain full visibility across your trial portfolio—in real time

Real Insights, Real Results

Get clinical insights that drive real results with unified clinical, operational, and real-world data. The Clinical Trial Oversight System (CTOS) allows you to expertly monitor and manage the entire clinical ecosystem.

Develop protocol strategies, monitor progress on decentralized clinical trials, and conduct data quality management at the micro and macro levels.

Full oversight by study and portfolio

Monitor trial activity between sponsor, CRO and other partner systems with full oversight and control of your data.


Automated Processes

Integrate and automate the data-to-analytics process to mitigate risks, save time, and avoid expensive delays, errors, and bottlenecks.

Continuous Oversight

Gain oversight at study and portfolio levels, standardizing data ingestion from disparate systems and sources for easier analysis and reporting.

Patient Safety and Trial Integrity

Ensure patient safety and trial integrity with data-driven oversight, powered by a preconfigured library of hundreds of metrics for spot-on monitoring.

Study Tracking

Keep studies on track with alerts, role-based controls, version controls, and interactive dashboards.

Real-Time Access

Get real-time access to a single-source-of-truth data repository to meet important milestones.

Risk Indicator Detection

Monitor adverse events, screen failures, and query response rates to gauge site performance and detect concerns.

KPI Optimization

Pinpoint and optimize key performance indicators at the crucial sites and CRO interfaces.

Fraud Detection

Detect outliers early to safeguard your portfolio and ensure compliance.


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Why choose CTOS?

CTOS is a flexible platform designed to help complex clinical trials—traditional site-based, decentralized, hybrid, or 100% virtual. Using advanced automation, CTOS brings greater visibility to your trial data at both the study and portfolio levels.


Automates data ingestion, cleaning, and  standardization, reducing data delivery time from weeks to hours. Preconfigured quality checks and updated dashboards make the user experience seamless.

Source Agnostic

Accepts data from 40+ systems across clinical operations and patient data sources.


Unlocks potential for decentralized trials with real-time data aggregation and  transmission and rapid error identification.

Single Source of Truth

Acts as a Clinical Data Repository (CDR) housing the most current and precise version of the data, preventing data duplication and optimizing storage resources. This is based out of a Common Data Model (CDM) for visualizing data for decision making, biometrics, statistical analysis, reporting, and exporting.

Track Trial Status in Real Time

Retain control of your study and your data. Continually monitor data quality, integrity, patient safety, enrollment, compliance, and other metrics in real time.

No more waiting for reports. With CTOS, all stakeholders have full visibility into the data that matters.


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