MaxisIT announces the launch of BYOIDE

MaxisIT announces the launch of BYOIDE

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MaxisIT announces the launch of BYOIDE(Bring Your Own Integrated Development Environment)

MaxisIT announces the launch of BYOIDE(Bring Your Own Integrated Development Environment) or secure and flexible programming within its
Statistical Computing Environment (SCE)

MaxisIT Invites Statistical Programmers to “BYOIDE” to its Statistical Computing Environment
Bring Your Own Integrated Development Environment (BYOIDE) enables flexible, compliant programming via secure connectivity between preferred IDEs and MaxisIT’s Statistical Computing Environment.

Edison, New Jersey, USA, November 2, 2023 — MaxisIT, an industry leading clinical data analytics provider for over 20 years, announces the launch of BYOIDE (Bring Your Own Integrated Development Environment), a new feature within its Statistical Computing Environment (SCE).

Integrated within the Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) module of MaxisIT’s Data Analytics Platform, BYOIDE gives statistical programmers and data scientists the ability to use their preferred IDE while maintaining traceability, version control, audit trails, reproducibility, and other GxP requirements. BYOIDE provides both flexibility and compliance by establishing secure connectivity between the IDE and data as well as programming and metadata assets from SCE. With BYOIDE, users harness the computational power of SCE while using their familiar programming tools, all while maintaining full compliance with their organization’s SOPs and policies.

“Biostatisticians, statistical programmers, and others in data science do their best work in their preferred IDEs on their local computer,” said Rajesh Hagalwadi, Director of Clinical Solutions at MaxisIT. “This new feature enables them to use the tools they know and love while also accessing programming assets, metadata and data stored in SCE—without compromise to security, compliance, or collaboration ability.”

“At MaxisIT, we’re continually innovating to give our customers rapid access to quality data, analytics, and insights,” said Moulik Shah, Founder and CEO of MaxisIT. “We’re excited to give statistical programmers and data scientists a more flexible way to innovate within our centralized, cloud-based Statistical Computing Environment.”

Key features of BYOIDE include:

  • Allows users to access data and develop and run programs from locally installed IDEs, including PC SAS, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS studio, RStudio POSIT Workbench, Jupyter Notebook, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), and Python-Spyder, among others.
  • Maintains programming artifacts like programs, logs, and results while retaining version control, traceability, reproducibility, programming workflows, and audit trail details intact.
  • Secured, bi-directional synchronization service to access, consume, and share data, metadata and programming assets between users’ workspace and SCE global repository.
  • Access-based permissions govern BYOIDE feature and secure session management for added security.

To learn more about MaxisIT’s Statistical Computing Environment, and to request a demo, click here or visit booth #25 at CDISC’s PHUSE EU Connect, November 5-8 in Birmingham, England.

About MaxisIT:

MaxisIT’s purpose-fit and intelligent clinical data analytics platform helps improve clinical trial performance, mitigate risk, and optimize clinical outcomes. We provide a centralized and reliable source of truth for diverse data types from various sources, giving life sciences companies real-time insight to shorten cycle time and increase return on investment. Incorporating an end-to-end clinical data pipeline from intake to visualization, MaxisIT’s solutions are powered by AI/ML and metadata-centric approaches. Our impressive portfolio of over 3,300 clinical trials and an unparalleled 100% customer retention rate affirms the quality and reliability of our services.

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Ani Margaryan
Lead, Product Marketing


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