eAdaptive enhancing supporting to adaptive decision-making process and study data blinding

eAdaptive enhancing supporting to adaptive decision-making process and study data blinding

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eAdaptive enhancing supporting to adaptive decision-making process and study data blinding

Mutuchen, November 10, 2009 – MaxisIT®, a leading global software development company has today introduced eAdaptive module under CTRenaissance® suite that is aimed to transform the way the clinical trials are conducted. The solution supports strong adaptive decision-making process and studies data blinding/unblinding management, required during the execution of adaptive clinical trials.

Talking about eAdaptive, Mr. Maulik Shah, VP-Product Strategy has outlined how the solution would bring about a sea change in the clinical domain sector, which was hitherto adopting cumbersome manual solutions, consuming lot of time and resources. eAdaptive, while serving as a unified solution for the industry, enables midcourse monitoring & adaptive decision-making in an integrated environment, apart from enabling review and analysis of a study or a group of studies under program/s within therapeutic areas.

Mr. Shah further deliberated on various benefits of using eAdaptive and stressed that the solution shows a path forward in adaptive clinical research via its integrated ability to monitor, analyze and take cross-functional decisions during mid-course corrections; allows reusability and makes reviewing and analysis process faster. He further added that the solution bridges the cross-functional domains such as enrollment, drug supply and interim statistical review – delivering an ability of knowing how each decision impacts all functional areas that would increase the accuracy of the decision and confidence of the decision maker

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MaxisIT® is pioneer in eClinical Integration and Adaptive Decision Support software, wherein CT Renaissance® – clinical enterprise suite solutions can integrate and orchestrate under one uniform or hybrid plug-n-play architecture, supporting end-to-end functionalities with required interoperability, reusability and scalability with Real time Harmonization

MaxisIT® CTRenaissance® enables its pharmaceutical and life sciences industry customers realize their vision of a safe, effective, and FDA approved delivery of drug at the lowest cost and at the fastest time to market. Metrics for success include strategic enterprise-wide reusable and scalable solutions and world-class services team with industry’s best people, processes, technologies and long-term partnering strategy.

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Maulik Shah

Vice President, Product Strategy

MaxisIT®, Inc.


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