If there were a tool that enabled you to steer the course of your clinical trials and maximize outcomes, would you use it?

That type of knowledge is coming soon.
And you can use it optimize your clinical trials.


Join our select, invitation-only industry expert panel. Group members will get to experience and pilot SMART Optimizer™.

SMART Optimizer, the latest edition to the MaxisIT portfolio, uses AI and advanced analytics to enhance clinical trial success at every stage of the journey, allowing you get to fine-tune and achieve your desired outcome.

As a result, you get to fine-tune your desired outcome before it slips away.

Be part of the next transformation in clinical trials.

Pilot program participants will use the SMART Optimizer tool and discuss outcomes with their peers. In exchange, we’ll work with you one-on-one to solve your most pressing clinical trial needs.

Join us to experience and take advantage of all the casual and actionable intelligence this new tool offers.

Make the Right Decisions for Your Trials

SMART Optimizer harnesses the power of Causal AI combined with Generative AI to:

Uncover the causal factors of various events of interest

Perform what-if and counterfactual assessment to build intervention strategies

Simulate prospective scenarios based on those strategies

Analyze how those strategies will impact your trial

Use these insights to optimize clinical success

By combining human-intelligence with AI, SMART Optimizer helps you make more than just informed decisions.

It will help you make the most impactful decisions sooner, resulting in substantial time and cost savings and optimal clinical outcomes.

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